Motorcycle carburetor is the original car better, or a new better

Date:2021-05-29 Views:2277

Carburetor motorcycle is an oil supply device, its main function atomization of fuel, the device is a simple mechanical structure, the main shell, plunger, float chamber of three most, segmentation, of course, there are many fine small parts, such as the main orifice, idle speed gauge hole, oil float, float needle, needle main oil, etc., but the normal service condition,These parts are not likely to break down, so in theory the carburetor could die with the bike.

But in the process of use because of human factors or oil quality and other reasons, the carburetor will also have a poor working state phenomenon, which will lead to some motorcycle failures, such as difficult to start, acceleration is not weak, fuel consumption increased and so on, at this time some car friends may consider changing the carburetor.

But in fact the market by selling cheap carburetor, fundamental its atomization performance alone is less than the 1/3 of the original car carburetor, the reason is very simple, as one of the main motorcycle oil supply system, the original car carburetor assembly by the relative accuracy is high, and some brand models also will use more advanced brand, such as The Three Kingdoms or jing-bin,Under this premise, if you replace the carburetor of the original car at will, it will only make the combustion state of the vehicle worse and worse, so it is not recommended to replace the carburetor of the original car at will.

So when the original car carburetor malfunction should do?At this time, as long as we thoroughly clean and readjust the carburetor, its performance will return to normal, but this is a technical work, the user may not have this ability, so find a professional technician, to repair the carburetor, its performance will meet the current power train combustion needs.

To sum up, in the case of last resort, do not arbitrarily change the original car carburetor, while the new change of carburetor to see effect can also be at the time, but use after period of time, it probably won't be alone in the performance of the original performance, so the original car carburetor can then trim, can wash, wash it is best not to change easily.

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